Dr. Jim Cole, Psychologist


I am James P. Cole, husband, father, and Clinical Psychologist specializing in Child and Family Psychology and Family Law.

My mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others with whom I work; to promote the emotional, social and psychological development of my patients; and to enhance their ability to create, to love themselves and others.

My vision is to provide a safe, caring and confidential setting wherein the patient and I can forge a trusting relationship with one another; to identify his/her goals and concerns; to uncover and mobilize his/her strengths and resources and use them to address the difficulties confronting them. I strive to provide sound therapeutic services based on a thorough knowledge of relevant literature and a familiarization with current therapies.

My goal is to practice a "...psychology that takes account of gaiety, exuberance, love and well being to the same extent that it deals with misery, conflict, shame and hostility."
A. Maslow